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Dr Jenna Brough 
Perinatal Clinical Psychologist

Whether you are: trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatment, pregnant, have experienced loss, a traumatic birth, or are adapting to life as a new parent I am here to support your emotional well-being.

During the perinatal period previous difficulties may resurface or existing difficulties may become more distressing and difficult to cope with. 


Alternatively, you may experience new difficult emotions and stress. If you are pregnant after loss or birth trauma you may be experiencing a range of confusing and difficult emotions in your current pregnancy. 

Psychological therapy could help if you are experiencing: 

  • Anxiety 

  • Low mood 

  • Fear of vomiting/other pregnancy symptoms 

  • Fear of labour/birth 

  • Difficulties following previous traumatic experiences related to pregnancy and birth

  • Conflicting emotions when you are pregnant after loss

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From partners to parents


For those wanting to prepare their relationship for the biggest change you can go through 

<<< Fees >>>

Initial assessment session (approximately 75 minutes) £180


Therapy session (50 minutes) £125


If you hold Private Medical Insurance (PMI), please check the reimbursement level that will be available to you from your relevant provider for psychological therapy.

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To find out more about my services and how I can help you through your journey, please get in touch:

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Please use the contact form and specify therapy to find out if I have current availability and to arrange a free 15-minute consultation where therapy options and suitability can be discussed

"Jenna was really good at calling me out but in a really supportive and kind way."

 I work online and can offer therapy worldwide excluding residents of North America

(owing to specific therapy licensing laws which are state-specific).

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