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Dr Jenna Brough 
Perinatal Clinical Psychologist

Pregnancy is an emotional time, filled with excitement but often also anxiety

I'm here to support you with the transformation from being an independent person to having new responsibilities for a little human (or more than one). 

 You may have had a difficult journey to becoming pregnant, you may be experiencing a difficult pregnancy, have fears about becoming a parent, or a fear of the birth itself. Perhaps you have had a previous birth experience that you found difficult or traumatic. In addition to individual therapy, there are several ways I can support you in relation to your well-being in pregnancy. 

       Bespoke Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing

I offer bespoke birth preparation and hypnobirthing for current or previous therapy clients. Based on my knowledge and experience and our work together I tailor information and tools to meet your needs and support you (and your birth partner) in a relevant and sensitive way as you prepare to give birth and meet your baby. 


From partners to parents course


For those wanting to prepare their relationship for one of the biggest changes you can go through together.

Coming soon...


I'd love to hear from you

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