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Dr Jenna Brough 
Perinatal Clinical Psychologist

CPD for Birth Workers

C O M I N G  S O O N...

Support Group

Your Foundations Understanding yourself

Do you want to reduce the influence of outside noise on your plans and decisions?

Do you want to understand, work through, and align your motivations, values, and ethics?

Do you want to feel more contained and confident in your decision making and practice?

Sign up for this educational and exploratory course where you will have the opportunity to develop a more consistent, sustainable and aligned compass for your work based on your values and ethics.

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Your Well-being Looking after yourself 

This course is for you if you are negatively emotionally affected by your work.

If you facilitate debriefs, birth reflections, or if you witness or consume stories about traumatic perinatal experiences.

And/or if you notice a boom/bust energetic relationship with your work where you are enthused and passionate one minute and exhausted by it the next.

Sign up for this educational and restorative course where you will have the opportunity to reflect on your emotional relationship with your work, and consider strategies to manage the impact of this.

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Your Practice

Trauma informed birth work 

As a birth worker you will work with/interact with people who have experienced trauma in the perinatal period. And those who have experienced previous trauma who have then been re-traumatised by their perinatal care/experiences.


This course offers you an understanding of:


  • Perinatal Trauma

  • Re-traumatisation

  • Common trauma responses and how to recognise these


You will also learn ways you can adapt your offerings and communication to be trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive.


Whilst your valuable work is already contributing to reducing the risk of trauma and distress, this will add to your ability to prepare and support your clients, particularly those who may be more vulnerable or who have already experienced trauma in the perinatal period.


With my knowledge as a qualified Perinatal Clinical Psychologist with 9 years experience of providing trauma therapy, this course will improve your confidence in supporting your clients and community.

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Best Friends

Birth Worker Support

Supervision and reflective practice

Space and support in relation to understanding and managing how your work impacts you and how 'you stuff' impacts your work. 

"Jenna's passion and expertise on trauma informed practice is incredible. I can already feel from this workshop how I can improve my own practice."

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worker reflective

practice worksheet

If you would prefer any bespoke training / workshops (online or in person) for organisation, and supervision for individuals and groups who work with people in the perinatal period - then please get in touch below.

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